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Stephen first decided he wanted to be a physio at a very young
age following a severe case of lower leg compartment syndrome.
Nothing seemed to help until he saw a physio and they got him
back on his feet and fighting fit. That’s when he decided he wanted
to help people get back from injury and able to deal with their
aches and pains. He has represented his country in Handball at
both Junior and Senior squad level, He has travelled the world with
sport and captained his country at U21 level. He narrowly missed
out on a place at the 2012 Olympics and can relate to people who
want to get back fit and healthy. Stephens aim is “To help you
believe and achieve in perfecting your own harmony between
Mind, Body & Spirit”. The faster he gets you fixed and back to
performing in your chosen sport or activity the happier that makes
him! Stephen has worked with elite level athletes that have
competed in triathlons for Great Britian and he has also worked
with the general public who just need help getting up from a chair
or who just need help with pain.

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Loved the ”spell your name workout” 💥
Loved it today! Great mix as usual, warm up and gradually going harder. Some exercises were a bit challenging such as the push-ups at the end. That one was mentally challenging for me to count the other’s push-ups, lower the legs, so that they can jump over, so my own push-ups, hop over the others...getting the sequence right, after 45 minutes of training was hard for my broken brain :) Having that said, the progression of our workouts is clearly positive! Exercises such as yesterday’s step up with weights was out of reach two months ago. The frequency and intensity of the trainings is also gradually increasing, I can cope with more and more - complex routines that challenge the brain, working out with more partners, traffic outside - which also distracts the focus and I need to get oriented onto the next station in the circuit and so on. Great PT, great session today, Ashley has a tough task ahead, to come close to that ;) Thank you Stephen :)